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Stick & Stitch - Botanical - TIGHT EMBROIDERED

Stick & Stitch - Botanical - TIGHT EMBROIDERED

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These pre-printed water-soluble stabilizer stickers are perfect for embellishing the pockets of your pants, the borders of your dresses, cushions, tote bags & more.

Included 12 different pieces.


  1. Choosing the sticker to use on your project

  2. Peel the paper from the backing (like regular stickers)

  3. Paste where you want

  4. Place the hoop if necessary (stiffer fabrics won't necessarily need a hoop, and it may be difficult to put a hoop in some places if there are a lot of folds or seams — it's up to you! )

  5. Embroider according to the colors & stitches of your choice
    CAUTION - The needle may become a little sticky. If it gets too bothersome, simply clean the needle with a little rubbing alcohol to remove the glue.

  6. When the embroidery is finished, dip the fabric in a small bath of hot (not boiling) water and rub gently until all the stabilizer is dissolved.

  7. Allow the project to air dry.

To wash the finished piece, wash on the “delicate” cycle in cold water only. Air dry (no dryer as this can cause the garment to shrink around the embroidery).

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