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FibreMood - Edition 26 - French

FibreMood - Edition 26 - French

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Winter isn't your favorite season? The latest edition 26 of Fiber Mood will surely change your mind...❄️

Warm up with 12 brand new patterns and again some handy tutorials as well as variations to create different versions of your favorite pattern. Were you looking for a cozy cardigan, an elegant jumpsuit, a classy skirt or are you already secretly looking forward to your vacation and can't wait to create the perfect evening dress? This edition is perfect for you! So get started with Fiber Mood 26, because what's more fun than adding to your own wardrobe on a cold winter day?

🪡 ✨Addie, Cloud, Nova, Pax and the other Fiber Mood newcomers are already looking forward to meeting you! ✨

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