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Sewing: initiation and improvement

Sewing: initiation and improvement

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Sew Initiation and improvement

Émilie Pouillot-Ferrand grew up in a family of artisans, surrounded by “little hands” who worked in the workshops of the biggest French houses.

Here she gives us the fruit of her experience as a seamstress and her encounters:

Basic knowledge: vocabulary and symbols, the treasures of haberdashery, the multiple options of the sewing machine, cutting techniques, adaptation of patterns, assembly...A hundred illustrated tutorials for impeccable finishes :from the simple installation of a zipper to the creation of a puffed sleeve, an officer collar, a piped pocket...An opening onto the world of fashion and its uses:the choice of right fabric for the right project, taking measurements, final fitting...: the right reflexes to adopt and workshop tips.

For beginners or experienced people for whom sewing is a passion

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