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Stanton Hoodie 12 to 32 - Paper pattern - CASHMERETTE

Stanton Hoodie 12 to 32 - Paper pattern - CASHMERETTE

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Ready to be comfortable and stylish at the same time? The Stanton hoodie allows you to create an athletic, elegant and comfortable piece to wear, because it is adapted to your body, with cup sizes C to H! If you have a full bust, hoodies often end up being uncomfortably tight or sloppy and oversized, but Cashmerette styles are designed for curves to give you an incredible fit across the chest AND the rest of the body.

The Stanton style includes a pullover and a zip-up version, both featuring a curved shoulder panel and a snug-fitting sleeve. Roomy pockets let you leave your purse at home and run free. Play with colors or go monochrome for a chic look. From the yoga studio to the café, it will follow you everywhere!

This Cashmerette model includes:

  • Sizes 12 to 32
  • Cup sizes from C to H
  • A size calculator that will tell you exactly what size to make.
  • A detailed and beautifully illustrated instruction booklet, to guide you whatever your sewing level.

Advanced beginners

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