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Embroidery Set - Floral Bouquet - TIGHT EMBROIDERED

Embroidery Set - Floral Bouquet - TIGHT EMBROIDERED

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If you are interested in embroidery but don't know where to start, this set will be perfect to introduce you to the wonderful world of embroidery!

Patience level required: 2/5

This box included:

-A complete guide to the steps to follow to complete the embroidery (French and English)

-Access to explanatory videos for each step

-The guide in PDF format

-A 5" bamboo hoop

-A piece of cotton

-DMC brand skeins

-An embroidery needle

-Tracing paper

-An original drawing

As a gift or for yourself, this introductory embroidery box will certainly make people happy!

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Thread colors may vary slightly from box to box

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