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Pennant Garland - PDF Pattern

Pennant Garland - PDF Pattern

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Pennant Garland Pattern

Printable PDF format document, Actual size.

Pennant garland, 4 different shapes + 2 possible finishes.

To carry out this project you will need:

> Several pieces of fabric are necessary depending on the number of flags desired. To make a pennant, you need a coupon with a minimum size of 30cm x 23cm

Slide finishing option:

> A cord of the desired length

Bias finishing option:

> A double bias tape at least 1cm wide and of the desired length (homemade or commercial bias tape)


Pennant Pattern

Printable PDF document. Real size pattern.

4 different shapes of Pennants and 2 finishing options.

You will need:

> Several strips of fabric are needed, depending on the desired number of pennants. To make one pennant, you will need a strip of at least 12” x 9” (30cm x 23cm).

Drawstring finish option:

> One string of the desired length

Bias finish option:

> One double bias strip, at least 3/8” (1cm) wide, with the desired length (homemade or store-bought bias tape)

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