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Book Ahead of the Curve - Cashmerette

Book Ahead of the Curve - Cashmerette

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Ahead of the Curve is the first sewing book that empowers curvy, plus-size women to feel confident in their bodies by sewing a wardrobe that works for them.

Don't change your body to fit your clothes - change your clothes to fit your body!

Ahead of the Curve includes 5 basic clothing designs (US sizes 12-32/UK sizes 16-36/EUR sizes 44-64), which include pants, a t-shirt, a sleeveless top, and two dress designs . Jenny guides you through a series of "Fit Clinics" - tutorials and case studies demystifying the fitting process - showing you how to adjust these designs to master the perfect fit for your body shape. Once you understand this, you can continue. to personalize your wardrobe and create an unlimited range of fantastic clothing that celebrates your body.

If you're curvy or plus size, trying to find clothes that fit you and reflect your personal style can be incredibly difficult and frustrating. Plus size women constantly feel excluded and cannot express their personality through their clothes. This book finally changes that.

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