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Birthday Hat - PDF Pattern

Birthday Hat - PDF Pattern

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Birthday hat pattern

- Printable PDF format document, Actual size.

Birthday hat for adult or child

You will need:

> A 36cm x 22cm fabric coupon for outdoors

> A fabric coupon measuring 36cm x 22cm for the interior

> Iron-on interfacing 36cm x 44cm

> Two 40cm cords or an elastic band 0.5cm wide and at least 30cm long. (adjust the measurement on the person)

> A pompom (if desired)


Birthday hat Pattern

Printable PDF document. Real size pattern.

Birthday at for adults or children

You will need:

> One 15” x 9” (36cm x 22cm) strip of fabric* for the outside

> One 15” x 9” (36cm x 22cm) strip of fabric* for the inside

> One 29” x 9” (72cm x 22cm) interfacing

> Two 16” (40cm) fastener (eg, string, ribbon or lace) or 1/4” (0.5cm) elastic, minimum of 12” (30cm) long

> One pompom (if desired)

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