Suggestions for sewing machines under $400

The question I get asked most often: "Do you have any suggestions for sewing machines that don't cost too much?" I would tell you that you should view the purchase of a sewing machine as a long-term investment. I got my first sewing machine, which was good quality, 18 years ago. It is now in the hands of my cousin and it still works very well.
If your child wants a sewing machine and you are looking to buy a children's model in this style , STOP! DO NOT DO THAT! You will limit your child in his projects and his creativity. Maybe your child won't even enjoy sewing because the machine will always have problems. You're better off buying a regular, but basic, sewing machine. It will last longer and have more features. Plus, maybe you too will have fun discovering it!
Here are the functions you should find on your machine:
  • Stitch length and width adjustment;
  • In addition to the basic stitches, it's always handy to have stretch stitches and to have the stitch to make a buttonhole (in one step, ideally).
I'm not going to hide from you that since the start of the pandemic, sewing machines have started to become rarer and prices have increased.
So here are some new models that are between $260 and $400.
Don't forget that you can sometimes find used treasures.
On the Brother website there are often refurbished sewing machines.
By clicking on the image, you will have more details about the machine.
Singer Scholastic 5523
Huskystar E20
Janome HD-1000
Brother CE6070T
This is the machine we use during classes at the workshop. It is perfect for beginners because you can adjust the speed. On the other hand, its price is quite high, more than $600. We bought our machines from Michel Barette . If you are in Montreal, don't hesitate to call him. You'll see, he's super friendly. Thinking, you will say hello to him for me. 😉 You never know, maybe he’ll give you a good price!
Janome 625E

I have only listed a few sewing machines, there are really several others that could do the trick. I went with the recommendations I read and the interesting features of the machines. If you ever hesitate between two machines that I have not mentioned above, do not hesitate to write to me, I will be happy to help you in your choice of machine.

To learn how your machine works and the basics of sewing, I suggest the online introductory sewing course.
Happy shopping!
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