How to replace pajama feet with hem bands.

I modified my baby's pajamas because I was tired of putting his feet back in the right place. In addition, when he started to get up after all and want to walk, it didn't help his motor skills and I was always afraid that he would fall. It's also practical if you ever have pajamas that are too small in terms of leg length, but the rest still fits.
So, I show you the steps to follow if you want to do the same thing with your child's pajamas.


1. Using a ruler and pencil, draw a line opposite the ankle of the pajamas and cut.
2. For the new hem band, I suggest ribbing . If you don't have one, you could also use a stretchy cotton/lycra fabric. The measurement of the rectangle I made is 15 cm by 13 cm.
Here is how I arrived at these measurements:
For the width (the most stretchy part of the fabric) , I calculated the bottom of the pajamas and removed 5 cm (note that the fabric of my pajamas is very soft and loose, if your pajamas are more fitted, I think 2.5 cm would be enough) .
You could also just make your hem strip using the same measurements as me, because a baby's ankle is pretty standard and the fabric is stretchy.
For the height , I decided on the final/sewn measurement I wanted and multiplied it by two, then added 2cm of seam allowance.
Example: 5.5 cm (desired finished measurement) x 2 = 11 cm + 2 cm (seam allowance) = 13 cm
Don't forget that you need 2 rectangles , one for each leg.
3. Sew 1 cm apart, right sides together, height together. You can do this seam with the straight stitch of your machine, because the height of the ribbed knit is not stretchy, and it creates less thickness.
4. Fold each hem strip in half wrong sides together and divide the width in half using pins.
5. Pin on the right side of the pajamas. Place the pins of the hem band opposite the seams of the pajamas. Separate the excess fabric from the pajamas also in the hem band.
6. Sew the three layers together, ideally using a serger, approximately 1 cm apart. If you don't have a serger, you can use the zigzag stitch or stretch stitch on your regular sewing machine.
That's it, it's finished!
I'm thinking of keeping the non-slip bottoms of the feet to make baby slippers.
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