Neck warmer (free pattern)

I really wanted to knit a neck warmer for my daughter, but I ran out of time and was a little lazy. So, I took the free ÉMILIE DE JALIE pattern which I modified into a neck warmer for my 2 year old daughter. I'll explain how to do it, it's very simple. (You can do it for adults too)
The steps to follow:
  1. Download the pattern here and print it
  2. Choose the size (I took size 4 years for my 2 year old daughter, who wears 3-4 years in store)
  3. Trace the front part, keeping about 6cm at the shoulder, from the neckline. and keep 15cm in length round the corner (or not)
  4. Trace the back and keep the same shoulder and length measurement as you put on the front. (the same length of the sides and not the middle front/back)
  5. Redraw the collar without making any changes.
  6. Cut from the fabric (minimum 40% stretch, as the pattern indicates) polar strech, wool knit.
  7. Sew the shoulders
  8. Sew the collar in half (notch)
  9. Fold the collar in half and sew it into the neckline
  10. For the finish at the bottom here are the options depending on your fabric: no finish, overlock all the way around or overlock and a 1cm hem.
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